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Accounts for the exams platform:

The following account types are available for logging on to the exams platform of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences:

University Members:

Lecturers, university employees and students use their FH Account, e. g:

  • internal and external lecturers, university employees: p12345@fhooe.at
  • students: s1234567890@fhooe.at

Temporary access for guests:

Persons who have temporary access to the exams platform log in with their local account, eg ha20263423 and press "Login".

Login credentials:

You should have received your FH account or temporary access for guests at the beginning of your studies or employment. If you have any questions, please contact IT-Helpdesk: servicedesk@fh-ooe.at


If you have any questions about the exams platform, please contact the TOP-Lehre team of your faculty:

Campus Linz

e-mail: elearning@fh-linz.at
hotline: +43 (0)50804 54070

Campus Hagenberg

e-mail: elearning@fh-hagenberg.at
hotline: +43 (0)50804 21541 or 21540